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     Wondering if "Shadow" or "Mittens" likes to get groomed? Have no fear...with the correct animal handling and proper grooming skills this should not be an issue. Taking time to get a dog or cat use to the grooming process is a normal thing. Please do not feel alone if you have a dog or cat who has had a bad grooming experience. Sorry if this is the case...please don't make that a reason not to take your pet to the right groomer. It is our goal to change that around..consistancy is the key! Regularly scheduled grooms based on your pets coat type are highly recommended. Dogs or cats with longer coats; please be aware that without regular care your pets coat may become knotted. Sooner or later those small knots can turn into a matted MESS...sometimes right down to the skin! The consequences are serious. Circulation can get cut off, bruising may occur or there is a possibility of the skin getting nicked or cut. Dogs or cats with short haired coats may get dandruff or have other skin issues, which will need to be addressed. One thing you must keep in mind, "REGULAR GROOMING IS ESSENTIAL"!!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
                                                       -Jessica, Owner